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You salvaged my summer.

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  • You salvaged my summer.

    Last spring I purchased a boat hoping to show my almost adult children why I love the town we live in. The town is Vermilion Ohio, a small harbor town on lake Erie. I grew up here and have boated all my life. When my kids were born we sold our boat as we figured life, work and the kids would leave no time for boating. So they never experienced the allure of the water in our small town. Then I became disabled about ten years ago. I figured boating was never going to be part of my life again. Until last spring. I bought an old 79 Century 20 foot bow rider. I'm still disabled but the way I look at it is that I can be at home in pain and be depressed, or I can be on the water and be in pain and happy. Everything was great last spring, we went for a few boat rides and had a great time. My wife and two daughters loved it! I hadn't been this happy in years. We just took our time and had fun so I wouldn't get too banged up. It all went well until I found water in the lower unit after a routine inspection. More inspection revealed a completely worn out drive with dry rotted bellows. Mid summer and the fun was over. I was so disappointed as were my family. Being disabled I'm on a pretty tight budget and after talking to several local marinas, I thought my dream summer was over and the boat would be headed to the scrapyard. One night while searching online for a used drive I might be willing to risk what little money I have, I found this site. I was so happy. I ordered a new 106 complete drive, new bellows, shifter cable, and gasket install kit. My wife and daughters helped me do the complete install in a couple nights. My wife and I did the break in and when that was "finally" over, we all went for many cruises and fishing trips the rest of the season. The drive has performed flawlessly. So. Thanks for having a reasonably priced outdrive for those of us who can't or won't pay more for a drive than our boat is worth. That plus a warranty that is impressive. You salvaged what was almost the worst summer in a decade and made it one full of great memories. Thanks, Sean Martin. Vermilion, Ohio

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    I know this is an old thread...But I said the same thing last year after I made my purchase. Delivery within two weeks? With a 3 year warranty! ?Seemed like a no brainer! Got my unit, bolted her on and was back in business. I ran it about 25 hours with the 10 hour break in before i put her up for the winter. This spring I opened up the boat and ran the motor with muffs on to clear out the fogging oil and shortly after found gearcase oil leaking all over my driveway. Heartbreaking! But...with that three year warranty I sure am hoping SEI will salvage another summer for me!!


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      So SEI came through! Fixed my lower unit under warranty and had it back to me two weeks. So far I've had no issue and she's running like a raped ape!