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  • SE106 impeller


    I just bought a 1981 Sea Ray that originally had a 5.7L Mercruiser I/O. The seller said that he replaced the outdrive with an SEI 106 about 5 years ago.

    He said I should replace the impeller before using it this season. As I understand it, my boat was originally equipped with a "Mercruiser One" drive. What is the SEI 106 unit? Is it an Alpha One Gen 1 unit? Do all SEI 106 drives use the same water pump/ impeller?

    Will any water pump/impeller kit for an Alpha 1 gen 1 fit the SEI 106? Or does the SEI 106 use a unique pump/impeller?

    Finally, would you suggest replacing the entire pump or just the impeller?

    Thank You

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    The impeller kit and upper pump kit that would normally go on your 1981 is the same as will go on our drive. For a water pump base you would need to say that you have a 1986-1990 style as our SE106 is modeled after the Alpha one drive.

    If you didn't overheat, then an impeller kit is fine. If you overheated I would do the upper pump kit. If it was a bad overheat, then the base also.




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      Thanks for the answer!

      The previous owner did not say he had any overheating occur.

      We took the boat out for a pretty long test drive and all temps were normal. he was suggesting I replace the impeller for proper maintenance purposes.

      I will order the impeller kit for now. When I take the lower section off, I'll look at the base and upper housing. If anything looks suspicious, then I will replace it.



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        Water Pump Replacement

        I just purchased a Sea Ray 250DA and the previous owner said that if you run full throttle, in a short time period, the over temp alarm sounds. By reducing the speed to half throttle, the alarm goes off and the gauge shows a cooler reading. However, when I picked up the boat last week, while idling to the ramp, the over temp alarm began to sound off. This boat sits quite a bit on a lift and I speculate that it has been started a few times out of the water just to see if the batteries were up? If that's the case, I suspect that the impeller may have been run several times "dry", even for short spurts.
        So my plan now is to begin at the bottom and work my way up. I ordered the complete water pump kit from SEI and plan to install it this weekend.
        I've always heard that the shifter should be placed in the "forward" position before separating the lower unit? Is this true? I don't want any issues as I go back together with it.
        I will then clamp on the water jacket and run the engine at idle to monitor the temperature before I look at the thermostat and water pump on the engine.


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          Yes you need to put the lower unit in forward when taking the gear case off and that would be a good idea to monitor the temperature with the water jacket.


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