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    How do I chang gear oil? :?

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    On the SE106 drives, you want to put a suitable container under the drive. Trim the drive so that it is straight down, or as close as you can get it. Keep track of the drain plug gaskets, and if they are in bad shape get new ones. Then remove the lower drain plug (it is on the port or left side of the drive, near the front). Then pull the upper plug (it is on the port side also, close to the top of the unit). Let it drain completely. If the oil seems milky, or has metal flakes in it, you may have more problems.
    To refill, you will need to pump the oil from the bottom drain plug hole until it comes out the top drain plug hole. You can get the pump at any marine store and some auto stores. It holds a little over one quart of oil, so be sure to pick up two quarts. After it is full, reinstall the top plug, and then remove the pump from the bottom and reinsert the plug. You have to be quick otherwise you will lose quite a bit of oil.
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