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Squealing noise at 900-1000 rpm in fwd gear only?

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  • Squealing noise at 900-1000 rpm in fwd gear only?

    I spoke to you guys a week ago about the above problem. I've ruled out belts, alternator and power steering pump and circulating pump. I dropped the lower unit of the 116 ( 1 year old with a gearset change to 1.62:1) and inspected the water pump which was pristine. After replacing the thrust washer and flo-thru II hub kit the noise was still present. This resonates through the engine compartment, aft sleeper and cabin so the other day I hung off the swim platform and it was obvious to me that is is coming from the drive leg. It starts at 900 and ends at 1000 rpm in fwd gear only while moving. I tied off to the slip and ran it in fwd at 900-1000 and NO noise was present. The slip behind me got a good dredging. I think the increased load while tied up and in FWD gear is maintaining pressure on something in the propshaft housing and eliminating the noise. What do you think? FYI...The gear lub is fresh and the drive is not making any metal.
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    That is a tough one. I can't imagine anything in the drive that could squeal like an engine belt, and in such a short RPM window. How many hours total do you have on the drive? How long has the noise been happening? Is it getting worse? How was the magnet last time you changed the lube? Tech Support


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      About 20 hours since the gearset change and a total of 30. The noise started about 5-6 hours ago and has remained the same. The magnet was clean 2 weeks ago when the lub was changed. The noise is like a like a shaft is turning in a non-lubricated race.


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        I'm not sure what that could be. If the drive is under warranty you can send it back and we will take a look at it. Just call the warranty department at 813-925-7127

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