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    My SEI-116 was leaking at the seal carrier assembly(SEI#97-102-02K) on my upper unit. As I was disassembling the drive, the locknut(SEI# 98-102-07) was not very tight.

    Is there a reason that this nut was so loose?. What is the torque spec? The unit is about 8 years old with maybe 100-150 hours on it, and this is the first issue I've had with it. I'm replacing the washer and nut, in addition to the seal carrier assy.
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    The nut is used to pull the bearing together to preload them. It does not have a torque spec. When removing it you need to start over with the preload. remove and install the bearings and use the nut to pull them together until you get 3-5 inch lbs of rolling torque. Use loctite on the nut.

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