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  • oil confusion

    ok just trying to get this boat running with out any bell housing has no check valve but it looks as if my bell housing has an opening. i have no resivoir inside the motor hatch. the best i can understand here is, i should just seal the bell housing opening with anything such a silicon. please let me know if this is correct. also i had a major ending to my sterndrive when i pulled it my bellow all the way back to the gimble bearing was full of gear lube. what does this mean and how clean do i have to get all to keep from anything else going wrong. thanks

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    You are correct about the oil passage, you can just fill it with silicone.

    The oil in the bellows was caused by a bad oil seal on your old upper unit. Clean it out with paper towels. As long as there are no holes or tears in the bellows you should be fine.

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      put it on sunday and just for information sake home depot has some tappered rubber stoppers that fit great just hammer them in and cut them flush. will be taking it out this weekend on maiden voyage will post how it does. thanks for the responce


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        so far so good

        took out for about 8 hours so far everything is running great. no overheating smooth shifting havent checked the oil yet but so far very happy