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  1. Drive # 37023

    Drive # 37023
  2. SE 216 has a loud whine after changing bad drive shaft

    I have a se216 that the water impeller key slot was milled to deep and allowed the key to spin on the shaft. I returned the drive and the drive shaft was changed out with bearings and a new water...
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Oldsmar, FL 34677

tel: 813.925.7127
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Sterndrive Engineering, Inc. (SEI) manufactures a stern drive designed to replace Mercury Marine's MerCruiserŽ Alpha OneŽ, R, MR, Gen II and Bravo OneŽ stern drives. MerCruiserŽ Alpha One, R, MR, Gen II and Bravo OneŽ are trademarks of the Brunswick Corporation. SEI has no affiliation with the Brunswick Corporation. Consequently, any warranties governing products and or sold by Brunswick Corporation will not apply to products manufactured and or sold by SEI, or to products damaged due to the operation of an SEI product.