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    Question yamaha 421

    Purchased this unit from you for a customer. Took a while to get it but it finally arrived and I installed it. It tested ok. So I called the customer, gave him the break in card. He went to the lake to put some hours on it becaus he has a tournament this weekend. He brought it back because at idle speeds it gives him a overheating alarm and his water presure guage shows very little presure...2 to 4 pounds. Once on plane the presure gauge goes to 12-15 pounds and the alarm stops.

    I pulled the unit and inspected everything. all looks good, impeller, alignment, intake screens, everything. Any ideas?

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    If everything looks good with the water pump, then I wouldn't have any other ideas. I would suspect it would have to be something with the water pump though. You might be best off calling the warranty department with your serial number.

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