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Thread: New Leg Installed but leg kicking up when in reverse

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    Default New Leg Installed but leg kicking up when in reverse

    “Had a SE 106 upper and lower unit installed + a new shift cable on my 1980 20' Searay in the winter by a well known licensed marine shop.
    Just took it out last week to get some hours on it to break it in. The leg was great for the first 3 hrs going different RPMS as per the instructions but then I put it in reverse, no problem but when I put the rpm up to 2500 in reverse it kicked the leg out of the water and the prop stopped spinning. I shut her down and lowered the leg but soon as I started it and put it in reverse it did it again, I then stopped it again put it in neutral(which was hard to find) once I did I started it back up and put in in forward and off i went with no issues at all, I was too far out to try reverse again so I came home, it ran great all the way back. Would this be shift cable adjustment or are we talking a couple seperate issues with the leg coming up? Any help would be appreciated as its waiting to get back into the shop
    It's out of the water now waiting to get looked at again but my fishing trip is in a week , dont know if they can take it in before I leave. Went and stred it yesteday and everythin was normal I couldnt do what it was doing in the water and it shifted perfectly.

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    It sounds like your reverse lock valve is not working. The valve is located on the shift bracket which is mounted at the back or stbd. side of the motor. This valve locks the hydraulic fluid when you are in reverse, preventing the drive from tilting up. Unfortunately I do not have any parts concerning that.


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    Thank you for the reply. Does this or will this harm your leg if running in forward?

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