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Thread: Knocking Noise While Turning

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    I've got a "knock" at near to full turn at normal trim on a newly installed complete 116 upper and lower. The old drive (which was still good) never even hinted at making any noise at full turn. Sounds pretty bad as I get close to full turn - if turned all the way, it's loud and I can feel the "klunking" in the floor. It makes docking uncomfortable not being able to turn hard (don't like the sound or feel of the noise...sounds like I'm hurting it). I removed the drive after about 5 hours of "break-in" and drained the oil - looked OK, but there was a bit of metal shavings on the magnet of the drain plug. Didn't see anything obvious on the U-joints, checked the gimbal bearing - turns smooth and is tight. Installed the drive and launched the boat and it still makes the noise. Tried greasing the drive coupler, still no change. The drive has about 10 hours on it now and it seems that the knock is getting progressively worse. I really hate to have to pull the boat and the drive again, when I did the 1st time, I found nothing.

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    The other thread that you posted in had some good ideas, making sure the gimbal bearing is seated properly is an important one. When you inspect the u-joints, you should make sure that you don't get any movement side to side, in or out etc. Basically anyway you can try to move it. If the knock is getting worse, then i think you ought to be able to find something. You can always send it in and we will take a look at it. Just call the warranty dept at 813-925-7127

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