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Lost forward gear after three weeks

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  • Lost forward gear after three weeks

    I purchased a new upper and lower unit this summer. Had it installed by a local dealer here. Dealer put new bellows, heat exchanger, and Gimbal bearing in at the same time. Everything worked great until this week my third week out on the water. I pulled up to the fuel dock and when I went to leave it was like it revved up when I put it into forward but did not engage into gear. I pulled it back into neutral then engaged it again and away we went. Three days later I was heading back in from fishing and was cruising along just fine went it revved up and we lost forward. This time no matter what it would not engage into forward. Neutral and reverse work fine. I used my 9.9 kicker mother to travel home. Where do I start looking.

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    It could be a few different things. The prop hub or the engine coupler could have failed. Try a different prop if you have one. If it was drive related, then I thin the clutch teeth would have had to fail. That would mean there will be chunks of metal on the drain plug, so check that. Finally it could be something with the shift cable. Possibly the end up by the engine came loose and is not allowing the drive to shift.


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