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U-Joint Bellows Installation????

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  • U-Joint Bellows Installation????

    So I started the job of replacing the Gimble bearing, inside seal, along with water pump and new bellows basically all new seals. Everything is going together just fine and I am down to the U-Joint Bellows.

    What is the trick here? I just cannot get the bellows to go far enough into the housing so I can install the ring. It really seems like the bellows from SEI does not have a long enough lip before the first bellow section.

    I have worked on this for 2 hours and cannot get it installed.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Please help.



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    If your doing the bell housing end, I usually do that with the bell housing off. Then when I install the bell housing, I push the bell housing in further than it normally goes to get the boat end of the bellows on the flange.

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      Yes that is what I am doing!

      Man I glued that end of the bellows into the boat already.

      Well Time to take apart.

      Thanks for the help.


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        Well this is not going so smooth. I took it back off boat and I still cant get that ring to start.



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          Slow and steady wins the race. I usually get the ring in by hand. You have to get one side barely started and then work around the ring. One it is started all the way around, then you can tap it in if necessary.

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            Here is the ultimate solution!

            If I have to do this again this will be my procedure.

            1. Glue bellows to the back of the transom and secure with hose clamp.
            2. Install shift cable
            3. install the water hose to transom and to bell-housing.
            4. install oil lines.

            Now this is the good part.
            Step 5.
            I found that the top of a one quart paint can just fits into the inside of the bellows, bell-housing side. drill three holes in a triangle pattern in the paint can top and install a metal screw into each hole. You will be pulling on these screws later. Now place the paint can top inside the bellows. Now install the bell-housing onto the bellows. The paint can will be inside the bellows.

            The reason you can't install the retainer ring is because with the bellows in the housing the edge of the bellows edge tips in and you can't start the retainer ring. This is where the paint can comes in.

            Now using a pliers start to pull the paint can top through the bellows keeping it perpendicular to the bellow sides. Be careful not to pull the top all the way through the bellows. This will expand the bellows against the bell-housing. When you have about 1/4 to 1/8 inch left before the paint can top pulls through bellows you will be able to insert the retainer ring and press it into place. At the same time, the paint can top will be pushed back into the bellows.

            Now take 2 pliers and bend the pain can top to remove it from the bellows.

            This process took me 25 minutes!!!

            I would suggest testing the process with your own paint can top to make sure it fits properly in the bellows.

            Good Luck.