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Upper Unit Sudden Noise at 140 hours

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  • Upper Unit Sudden Noise at 140 hours

    I installed my upper and lower as a cobra conversion about 3 1/2 years ago. Ive been very happy with it. The oil was dark after the break-in I called SEI and they recommend a drive shower. I installed it. The oil still looked a bit dark to me each year it changed it. There was a little metal on the drain plug but nothing terrible. Yesterday it started making a whoop whoop whoop sound and I felt a vibration. Its way louder in forward or reverse than neutral. When I pulled it out of the water it sounds like and feels like the sound is coming from the upper. I pulled the top off tonight and surprisingly the gears look fine. The horizontal gear is wobbling all over the place. I'm not sure if the amt of wobble is normal with the top bearing race off. It sure seems like the lower part of that gear is very loose which would explain the gear misalignment and the noise. Please watch my youtube video and tell me what you think. I'm inclined to buy a new upper. I know this one is out of warranty. Thanks for your help.

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    That gear will move around like that. The top cover is what puts preload on that shaft, so with the top cover off you will see the movement that your seeing. As far as where else to look, it could be anywhere in the drive. I would try to move the other gear in the upper side to side.

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      Thanks for the quick reply! A few answers to questions I've been asked"

      Have much play up/down/in/out on the drive shaft?

      I assume we are talking about the donkey d**k? It seems good and tight with no wobble. I did replace the U-joints a few months ago , they were clicking when turning left and right. It occurred to me banging on the joints might could have damaged that bearing. But it seems fine. I have ordered one of those huge spanner wrenches to pull that part out so I can properly evaluate that lower bearing on the horizontal gear.

      Is the alignment correct? Yes I confirmed that when I replaced the u joints a few months ago, but I suppose I need to recheck it.

      Gimbal bearing smooth? I replaced the gimble bearing a few months ago along with the U-joints and it seems smooth now.


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        I decided to go ahead and order a whole new upper and lower, I may disassemble these later and check for worn bearing or gears but for now I need to get back to the river. Question? what is this talk about HD gears ? Does the 1.47 have the HD gears?


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          Yes the 1.47 are HD gears.

          For the old drive, the best way to find that noise is to disassemble the drive and inspect all of the bearings.


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            I have removed everything from the upper unit and it all looks good, I'm going to buy the tool and take apart the lower unit to inspect it next.